What is white gold?

I am often asked, “What is white gold?” White gold starts out being yellow gold, but it is alloyed with different metals, usually nickel, or palladium. The addition of the alloy has a bleaching effect on the yellow gold and turns it a silver/white color. Most jewelry metals are alloyed with other metals to make them more durable, and in the case of some metals to also alter their color. Most white gold is also finished with rhodium plating, which is a pure silver/white platinum group metal that helps to prevent the white gold from becoming more of a blond color. Over time, most white golds will pick up a very faint yellowish color. this is due to the fact that a higher percentage of the metals in the jewelry is yellow gold with the remaining alloy having the bleaching effect. We are equipped to refinish and re-rhodium plate white gold rings. It is usually a one day turnaround to have this service done.