Why did the diamond fall out of my ring?

We are often presented with jewelry for repair, especially rings, with small side diamonds that have left their settings. Customers are surprised that this has happened after wearing the item for a relatively short period of time. Recent design trends incorporate many small side diamonds in the design of the ring, especially the “halo” look with many very small diamonds surrounding a larger center stone. While this is a beautiful and modern design it remains that if you are using small diamonds they require even smaller prongs to hold them in place. Prongs are a “normal wear” issue with any ring or jewelry. What is happening is that the small prongs that are required to hold a very small stone in place wear much more rapidly than larger stone prongs. If a ring is going to be worn 24/7 and it has many small diamonds, it will require more frequent checking and most likely more maintenance. We will gladly check your prongs and clean your rings, and as always at no charge.