We proudly adhere to a strict code of ethics regarding the social, ethical, and environmental impacts of the gemstone and jewelry industry.

As members of jewelers of America, we support the organizations mission to increase consumer confidence in the industry and to advocate transparency and professionalism. We are committed to fair labor practices, responsible sourcing, and ethical supply chains at every level. We condemn the use of conflict minerals or ivory, hope to help eliminate demand for these products in the industry. Visit Jewelers of America’s code of practices.

We require our suppliers to observe a number of protocols, including the Kimberley Process Certification System, requiring export countries to ship diamonds, along with certificates guaranteeing conflict-free status, in tamper-proof containers. All of our precious metals are purchased from a refiner that only deals in recycled and fair trade metals. We also comply with any applicable environmental regulations or standards regarding pollution. As Montanans, stewardship of the natural world is a core value.

We are committed to the honest disclosure of mineral and gemstone enhancements, and characteristics including color, clarity, cut and carat weights.