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Our fine jewelry is handpicked from exclusive designers, limited edition, or created in our own workshop. We also restore and repair heirlooms and fine jewelry. With more than 45 years of experience and the use of the best materials available you can depend on the job being done right. At L’Or, you’ll find remarkable and unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else.

Specializing in Custom Jewelry Design

If you are considering something that is uniquely yours, custom designs are our specialty, and the awards that we have won tell us we must be doing something right. Over the years we have worked with hundreds of clients to help them realize a dream of owning a piece of jewelry that is theirs alone. If you are just searching for a special piece, our cases have many offerings that you are just not going to find everywhere else.



Whether you have only initial thoughts and design concepts or inherited and outdated pieces, we will create a finished product that will become your own treasured heirloom.


We work one on one with our clients. It’s the only way to create the perfect piece for you and your lifestyle.

We’ll work with your gems or diamonds or we can source stones ... from our many established worldwide contacts that specialize in ethically sourced diamonds and precious gems. We have first tier connections with cutters and brokers of precious gems, Montana sapphires being one of our specialties.

What separates us from the others is that you will be discussing your design ideas with the person that will actually be creating your jewelry.



After formulating the design, the manufacturing process begins. If we are to cast your design we will carve the wax model, refine its details and prepare the model for casting. Once the model is cast, it is polished..., finished and detailed to prepare for stone setting.

If we are to hand fabricate the piece, the metals are cut, shaped, polished and fitted. After final fitting the pieces are welded and soldered together, final polished and prepared for stone setting. The stone setting involves hand setting each individual gem. It can be the most time consuming and is the most delicate of the processes.

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This is a custom made one-of-a-kind piece available today. Contact us to order this breathtaking piece.

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